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Hank Tate

Hi, I'm Hank Tate. I turn vision into reality and problems into solutions.

Hank Tate's Bio:

  Hank Tate turns vision into reality and problems into solutions! His ability to address an exceptionally broad range of business issues and resolve them with excellence has earned Hank wide recognition as "The Right Hand Man". Hank is experienced at creating new systems and processes to accomplish company goals with efficiency and replicability. Work with management teams to address operational oversight and troubleshooting of all functional areas of the company. Reputation for thoroughness, quick study, creative problem solving, and a high degree of trust and loyalty enables leadership to hand off whatever needs to be done and know it will be accomplished with excellence. Extensive experience in startups.  Interested in Mergers & Acquisition. PARTIAL LIST OF BUSINESSES SERVED: 30 years of consulting - IBM Global Services, GE Capital, GE Mexico, Bell Canada, Thompson Media, U.S. Department of Energy, Wylie Laboratories-NASA, BJ Services, Gulf States Toyota, Lotus, D.R. Horton, Texas Commerce Bank, Blockbuster, Organ Transport, Ward's Natural Science, Houston Independent School District, UTEX Industries, and numerous small businesses.  ACCOMPLISHMENT HIGHLIGHTS:  Created Business Health Assessment methodology to identify dysfunctional areas and opportunities for cutting costs, enhancing efficiency, and increasing profits. Saved two major legal firms $500,000 per year.  Designed new website and online marketing program for water treatment equipment company that produced more prospects in the first 30 days than the company had in the previous 4 years under the prior system.  Project manager, lead programmer, user interface, developed training workshops, and presented training for Lotus Notes program that saved over twenty-five Fortune 1000 clients of Deloitte & Touche 10%+ of implementation costs for SAP. Estimated aggregate customer savings over $30 million.  Designed partnership package for oil and gas drilling exploration project that over-subscribed the $1.6 million investment in less than three months. o Public speaking & Training: 250+ workshops, 25,000+ attendance, 40+ radio & TV interviews.  

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